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No, I'm afraid there's no way to make further folders inside the assets library.

One reason for this is that if you were to move things around then any links to them would no longer work. By simply not allowing people to move them we get around this problem! (crude but effective! :)

I admit that this can mean you end up with a rather large list of images all in the same folder, which isn't ideal.

Regarding the second point - while photo album images don't appear in the pop-up allowing you to easily select the image to insert, you can still add the image to a page:

  1. View the image in the photo album. Click the button Show the code to use this image elsewhere. Copy the Image Only code to the clipboard. Past this in the HTML view of your page in the editor (or use the Embed Code button).
  2. Alternatively, for any image at all, if you can find its URL you can add it in the image dialogue box just by pasting its URL.

Hope this helps!

Voice Admin