Posted by Felix on

Please would you suggest the best way of archiving Photo Album folders, albums and pictures.

I recently thought that we had lost several albums from the Tewin Village site.  The thought of reloading all those pictures, organising, relabling and ordering them was very daunting.  Fortunately they were just hiding away in an obscure folder, but it made me realise that we need to back them up!

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Posted by Voice Admin on

You do have an impressive number of photos on your site - well done! :-)

The Voice system itself is backed up daily, and copies of the backups are stored in two different datacentres to ensure that nothing is lost even in the event of a major disaster at the main datacentre.

Therefore, from a system perspective, your photos are safe. The only "danger" they are in is that you, or one of your other administrators, might delete them.

There's currently no system on Voice to allow you to download a backup archive of all your Photo Album images onto your computer. This is somethng we could look into adding if there were widespread support for the idea - however i suspect our time might be better spent adding other more exciting features!


Voice Admin

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Posted by SVH_Webmin on

In connection Photo management free tools such as Google Picasa is fairly good for this sort of task.

Depending on volume you could also create a Google account or use services for dropbox to back up the files.


I am glad the servers are backed up and virtulised across several servers.

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Posted by Felix on

Thanks for these suggestions.  Maybe I'm missing something, because I can see how to keep copies of all the pictures, so that I could reload them.  (Because I'm sure that one the Tewin administrators, probably me,  will have a 'senior moment' one day and delete some!)  What I'd really like to find is a way to reload the folders and albums complete with names and descriptions, and also any names and descriptions associated with the actual photos.

Loading pictures into the album seems to load the pictures and their files names, is there any way to load other information as well?

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Posted by Voice Admin on

No, I'm afraid there isn't a way to upload descriptions and other "meta data" at the same time as a single bulk upload. Also it'd arguably be just as much work for you to prepare the data for upload as it would be just to upload them again. Unless we add an export facility too.

It doesn't seem worthwhile developing the functionality just for our Photo Album (e.g., an export and an import function) as I can't imagine there'd be all that many people who would want to use it.

As I mentioned before, the data on the system is well backed up so there's little danger other than if you delete the files yourself.


Voice Admin

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Posted by Felix on

OK, thanks, that is nice and clear.

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Posted by Alan-Parry (Euphonix Admin). on

Is there a way of transferring photographs stored on the public area of the site to the private area? Photographs going back to 2009 are likely to have no interest to the general public, but are more likely to be of interest to the members of the site. 

in trying to move any CMS information betweven the public and private area seems to be impossible.


Alan Parry.

8: Re: Photo albums (response to 7)
Posted by Voice Admin on

Sorry, no, there's no way to do this.

However, if you wish to, you can set the Permissions for any Folder or Album in your gallery to be visible only for members of your site.

Go to the Folder/Album, click on the Permissions button (assuming you're logged in as an administrator), then untick the permissions that you don't want (such as Read access for The Public).

Some permissions are inherited from the level above. If you want to turn off a permission that has been inheried then you first need to click the "Do not inherit permissions from <place>" button.