Any site on Voice can use their own domain name if they wish to, rather than using the domain. For example:

Voice is not a domain registrar though - you must buy your domain independently from one of the many registrars out there, and configure it to point to the Voice service.

There are fundamentally only two things that need to happen:

  1. The Voice must be configured to show your site when accessed using your domain name.
  2. You must point your domain at the Voice server by changing the DNS settings.

Only you can do 2, and only the Voice admin team can do 1.

So, before you configure your DNS settings we recommend you send an email to stating the domain name you want to use with your site. Once they confirm that the system is ready, you can then change your DNS settings.

The method you use to configure your DNS depends on the registrar. Basically though, the aim is that you want to set up to be an A record pointing to (where is your chosen domain name, of course!)

There are further instructions here in the documentation. Including specific instructions for some common registrars.

Note: this is NOT the same thing as changing your domain's nameservers. The nameservers should be configured however your registrar recommend, and you change the DNS settings for

In your case, I see that is registered with I believe that in order to manage DNS settings with you need to pay extra for their DNS Management service. If you want to avoid this fee you could transfer the domains to another registrar who offer this service for free. I personally recommend, who we use for all our domains.


Voice Admin