Posted by Joe Oldak on

Hi all,

I've put an unedited video of today's user group chat onto YouTube should it be useful - though you can only find it via the Voice Users website, and you'll need to log in. The idea is that all voice site admins can then get to the video without it being public.

It's pretty simple: Go to Voice Users, click the Log In button if you aren't already, and then you'll see a list of past meetings/videos on the homepage.

Since the meeting I've added a slightly experimental Related Image includelet. This makes it easier to add a nice big highlight image to a page, complete with caption. It uses the page's first related image. (i.e., same as the image used in listings and if you share a page to social media).

There's a little example here.

Try it and see what you think. I was considering making this an option to all pages so you could add a big image without needing an includelet (e.g., when editing a page have an option like Show related image?). You could then optionally use the includelet if you wanted more control over the defaults. Feedback appreciated here!

I've also made a small change in the Item List and Carousel, Accordion, or Grid includelets to make it a bit easier to reorder items, as suggested in the meeting.

Thanks and goodnight