3: Re: Images and text (response to 1)
Posted by Joe Oldak on

Two ways:

If you want to do it 100% in the wysiwyg then once you've added the image click on it and then click the right align button which floats it to the right. You could then do something like setting the width to 50% so that it always takes up half the column. (click on the image, then click the image button in the toolbar, and enter 50% in the width box). This will be 50% width on mobile and on desktop - hence on mobile it'll be quite small!

The other option is to use the Custom Content includelet. This can have an image associated with it and you can specify its size (e.g., right half), which is how much of the column it'll fill on desktop size. On mobile size the image will go full width.

For info on how to use includelets look in the documentation. (try searching for "includelets" in the documentation pages)