I'm looking at various ways to guide people to useful content on our website.

One think I'd like to explore is adding a search function which limits search results to certain webpages. Similar to Citizens Advice home page "how can we help"

Google seems to offer something https://support.google.com/programmable-search/answer/4513751?hl=en&sjid=13503030548849872544-EU&visit_id=638527498256447203-607424444&ref_topic=4513742&rd=1

Has anyone used this?

I'd prefer to adapt the existing search function in Voice though and wondering if there is a way to configure it and present it within a webpage.

Thanks for any advice!


Posted by Joe Oldak on

Hi Sue,

There's no way (without some custom development work) to add a search that only searches a sub-section of a site. But all is not necessarily lost.

There are a few options of what you can do with Voice as it is:

  1. You could create a search box on a page by just adding a form widget as Raw HTML, which would then work exactly as the normal search box but be more obvious. (I can give you the HTML to use)
  2. You could create some filtering using keywords or categories and the Filtered Item List includelet to allow users to find pages, but without a search box. Here's an example. And here's another example. And another. This would do filtering within a section of a site.
  3. In theory using the Filtered Item List option, we could add a search box which filters the content in the list (like clicking on the boxes does in those examples). It would work a bit more like the search in the A-Z Directory, rather than a full site search. This would be a smaller amount of dev work.

Hope this helps!