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Hi all / Jo

We use the FAQs app to explain our services.

Is it possible to use the app a second time, for a different purpose, rename the application and set up different content in it?

Thanks v much


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Posted by Alan-Parry (Euphonix Admin). on

Hi Sue,

Can I suggest a much easier solution that will enable you to have as many FAQ type pages as you want (by not using the FAQ Application).

Using a normal page create some headline text in the content - something about the page and the FAQs.  Then go into layout and insert an Includelet called Carousel, Accordion, or Grid.  Using the "Accordion" option within the Includelet you can create blocks of questions and answers.

When you create a content block use the title as the FAQ question and in the text block write your FAQ answer.  After creating a set of content blocks you can reorganise them in a more logical order.

I have used this method on the Euphonix Choir website rather than using the standard FAQ Application.  It also means that I can link the FAQs into a sub-menu which I wouldn't be able to do otherwise (it would stand alone in the navigation bar).  If you want you can see what I have done -  You can either default to always opening the first question or leave it closed.

Hope this helps




3: Re: FAQs app (response to 2)
Posted by sue potter on

Hi Alan

Sorry not to respond earlier.

Thank you so much for this advice - I haven't had chance to look further ATM, but I reckon it'll fit the bill.

(It's a work in progress and one of a few tools we're looking at to help manage incoming referrals to our service...)

Thanks v much,