Hi Joe,

Can I make a suggestion - that occurred to me when I inserted an image into an article.

I uploaded the image and then started to write the content.  The image was on the leftside of the page.  This was great, but I may have wanted on the rightside of the page.  The text started to appear about halfway down (not at the top or at the bottom).  I wanted the text to flow down from the top.  I'm 90% sure that the previous controls had drop-down options on the advance tab, allowing the editor to say where the image was to go on the page (i.e. top, bottom, float, let, middle right). 

My work-around was to check a similar page and look how the new controls display.  In the advance tab I realised that I simply needed to insert float: left; in the style box.  If I hadn't had this previously example I'd be getting quite frustrated in trying to work out I needed to do.

If dropdown options can be inserted that would be great.  Otherwise, perhaps a popup window advising what style options are available to editors.




Posted by Joe Oldak on

Hi Alan,

I'm pretty sure you can get what you want just by clicking on the image in the WYSIWYG, after you've inserted it, and using the Alignment buttons - left, right, centre, or justified. This sets the float of the image right or left (or removes the float) as appropriate.

You can also adjust the image size using the box around the image when it's highlighted.

Hopefully this does the job for you!

You can also experiment with using the Custom Content includelet with an image, and setting the image left/right and size in there. This is more faff but has the advantage of behaving responsively on mobile size screens.