Posted by Joe Oldak on

The new WYSIWYG editor is now live (I'm using it now to type this forum post!). Some highlights:

  • Much easier to use - in particular better table editing and link/image/media/emoticon insert and update.
  • Not so many button bars: functionality is organised into menus with just the most common features on a single button bar.
  • British (not just American) English spell checker (and Welsh as an option).
  • Easy access to styles such as headings, blockquotes, and buttons.
  • Produces better/cleaner HTML which should work better in most cases.

Also live are a few other features that have been mentioned recently:

Custom includelet Image Size

Previously you could select 'full', 'left' or 'right' for the graphic in the custom include. You can now select 1/4, 1/3, 1/2, 2/3, 3/4, or full width for the image, as well as the left/right option. This lets you build up interesting layouts with different sized images and text blocks.

Gallery Popups in Grids in Carousel, Accordion, or Grid includelet

When using Grid mode, you can now turn on Grid Gallery mode, which makes each grid item clickable and open full size in a modal popup. Same as the Related Image Gallery.

This gives another interesting option to build a page with an image gallery with text/description for each image, without the relative complication of using related images.

Voice User Group Chat

I'll demo the new editor in the call today (starting in about 10 minutes!). Zoom link as usual is on the Voice Users website.