On my page https://e-voice.org.uk/pma/support-programmes/ I have a carousel with 3 content blocks, each containing an image. Functionally each block links to a separate page. I would like the whole block, or at least the image, to be linked to that page so when someone clicks on the Tuition Project block or image they get taken there. 
I plan to join tomorrow's Zoom meeting if that helps.



Posted by JoMaye on

This is something I'd find valuable too. :)

Posted by Joe Oldak on

You could try the Item List includelet, which lets you make a grid of links/images that go directly to a given URL. If this doesn't work out please let me know in what way it isn't right and I'll see what I can change!

Perhaps one day the different content/grid includelets will coalesce into a single mega-includelet that lets you make grids/lists/popups/galleries/accordions/carousels, with or without image or text, with links internally or externally. The One Includelet to rule them all.



Posted by Plymouth Music Accord on


By removing the Carousel Content Block image and putting it in the Content Block text I have been able to link it to the relevant page!