Posted by Kev Cannings on

When I post a news item or update a page, my members receive an email. 
The notification doesn't appear to be customisable. Some members ignore the message because they think it's spam and not recognisable as a club message.

1) Is it possible to change the branding of the messages to include our club icon instead of the e-voice icon?
2) The messages are plain and don't engage - I'd like to choose what content to add including text and images- it would be nice if the images on the web page could be included in the email (For example, if for a news item then there's normally an image there, or a related image from the web page that I've just created)
3) The orange font (and white background) isn't in keeping with our website theme
4) The message says it's from which my members do not recognise, I'd like control over the email address being used

Is any of this already possible? If not, could it be changed so it is?