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I changed the theme from Cyborg to Superhero and now the Right side includelets have disappeared.

They still show in their correct placements in Content Management > Layout.

Things i tried;

  • removing them to scratch and re-adding the includelets with save as new revision and republish on both removal and re-adding.
  • Changed back to Cyborg theme > save as new revision and republish.
  • Reverted back to a previous revision.

Is there some setting i may have overlooked when changing to a different theme in the dropdown menu...??


is this a bug...??

i ideally would like to keep the Superhero theme and keep the right side includelets if possible


it is also happening on the test-site


the left side includelets are non-affected by a change of theme.

Changing the colour scheme only changes the CSS used, not the HTML of the page, so shouldn't affect whether includelets appear. I've tried Bootstrap theme with the Superhero colour scheme on a few sites and the right column is working fine for me!

It also seems to be OK on your site when I look at it now.

Are you still having problems? If so can you be more specific about which page the problem appears with, and which browser you're using, and anything else you think might be important for me to see the problem.