After editing (Quick edit) home page Photo Album Includelet by choosing Album name (16 January 2004) selection shows correctly in edit mode. On exit quick edit it shows the previous album (5 December 2023).

I've cleared the cache and tested on other devices.

I've been successfully using this configeration for a while

Charles Sweeney 

Posted by Joe Oldak on

Hi Charles,

Although this isn't obvious from the Quick Edit page, the reason is that there's an unpublished new revision of the page. So when you go to Quick Edit it's that unpublished version that you're editing.

Once you've edited the includelet, if you click the Save and Publish button below the wysiwyg editor of the main page content then you'll see your changes appear!



Posted by Charlie Admin on

Thanks Joe. That’s all working as expected now. Could there be a warning to save and publish when exiting quick edit?