Posted by mscarer on

Hi, I've only just got back in to the web designing after a prolonged medical absence and been trying out a new theme for my website - went from Fresh to Clarity - which enabled a much easier way to reverse text & background colours and now working through deleting the redundant html codes etc however.

Although i cut and pasted all the HTML code from one version of the footer to the other, I've got one image/icon (wheelchair) that's not showing up although i think it's there and i just can't see it, maybe becuase of the colour changes.  I've tried up loading a new version of the image and changing the html code but still can't see it. Would welcome some input on what might have gone wrong and how i can correct it - i seem to remember that i was originally able to create the original footer in wysiwyg, but that was a few years ago and i can't remember how i did it or know if it's still possible


Posted by Joe Oldak on

There was a slight error in the HTML causing the image to not load, which I've now fixed.

We used to use the wysiwyg in the "HTML Header" and "HTML Footer" sections of the themes, but I switched it to use Raw HTML as sometimes the wysiwyg caused problems if you wanted to do something clever/sneaky in the footer.

One option is to cut and paste the raw HTML page into a wysiwyg elsewhere on your site, edit it, then use the HTML Source button to get the HTML to paste back into the theme options. A bit of a faff but useful as it ensures that the HTML is valid