A few updates went onto the live site today:

Carousel, Accordion, or Grid includelet

In Carousel mode you can now specify the pause between each item, or disable the auto-cycling completely.

In Accordion mode you can choose whether the first item is open by default when you first view it (which is often useful!)

You can see this includelet in action here.

CSV Exporting

Exporting CSV files (e.g., from Surveys app) should now work correctly with Chinese characters (and other "unusual" characters!)


Also fixed the picker popup for some sites which didn't show "Home" correctly, as well as fixing a potential security threat when showing form errors.


On the test site I've also been doing some work on how grid items display in wider columns, and adding a grid mode to the Latest News includelet. This isn't quite ready to go live though.


User Group Zoom Chat

The next Voice User Group chat will be on 23rd January. As usual the Zoom link can be found on the Voice Users Website.




Posted by JoMaye on

Some great changes. I've been getting an error with the Carousel includelet since yesterday though. Could it be related to the changes?

I'm trying to change an image in a carousel and add a second image and text but it's saying "Sorry, we found some problems with the information you entered. We've highlighted the relevant sections.
Please check and resubmit."

I can't for the life of me see where there is an error! I've looked at every single question and I'm sure it's all there!

Posted by JoMaye on

Interestingly, I just set up a new carousel and it worked fine. I could see that the time delay was populated. I had tried populating that box in the original even though it said it wasn't required, but I still hit the error.

Posted by Joe Oldak on

Ahhah yes I've fixed this now.

The problem was that you need to provide either Yes or No to the "Accordion open" question, but the question doesn't appear on the form unless you select the Accordion mode.

So now for all existing includelets which have never had a chance to answer this question I've set it to "No" (so that the functionality doesn't change unexpectedly)

Thanks for the report!


Hi Joe,

Thank you very much for adding the bespoke time delay to the carousel Includelet.  It now makes reading the information a lot more easier when published (see https://www.euphonix.org.uk/about-us/supporting-charities/).  I’ve increased the time delay for changing the information from the standard 5 seconds to 20 seconds.

Kind regards 


Posted by Peter Bates on

Please would it be possible to add a feature to the Grid View to truncate long text message to a few words and show a 'Read more...' link, as can be done in the calendar?

Thank you

Posted by Joe Oldak on

Hi Peter,

Generally speaking, when using the grid view from Filtered Item List or Latest News etc you can turn on Title and Subtitle display (optionally with related image too) so that you get a nice display with a snippet of well crafted text.

So for example, as you see on this page.

The reason you can choose to add text from the event in the calendar includelet is because there's no Subtitle that can be displayed instead.

Does this seem suitable for your needs, or is there another reason why the Title and Subtitle mode doesn't do what you want?