Posted by gods_child on

Is there a way that we can have our own custom bullet-points...??

for example to render like text keeps font colour and size, when copy and paste from a text editor such as Libre Office etcetera


       Winkable to choose from the bullet-point icon

       Winkforgive me if this can be done by another way and i have missed it somehow

I guess we could use emoticons like above


        use special characters and space them accordingly

which adds extra         to the coding

yet they are limited to suitable characters for viable usage thereof



2: Re: Custom bullet points (response to 1)
Posted by Joe Oldak on

There's no way to set the bullet point style, other than the methods you suggest. As a medium-term project I'm looking to replace this wysiwyg editor with something more modern which could give more options for this.



3: Re: Custom bullet points (response to 2)
Posted by gods_child on

Thanks Joe

I look forward to the respective changeSmile