Hi Joe,

Further to your demo this morning at the User Group I have abandoned the use of the Filtered Items List Includelet and I am now using an Item List Includelet and this is working perfectly. However, I am still perplexed why the Filtered item List Includelet doesn’t work (the following settings were used) -

  • List Mode: Grid 3 Wide (Mobile 1)
  • Parent Item: Tried leaving blank and alternative Home (Home covers the whole site as items come from more than section within the site). I then tried by identifying the 2 areas of the site (About Us and Enquiries)
  • Items to select: Keywords
  • Content type: Any type
  • Search Keywords: FiLhome (this is the identifying word/term on all the pages I want to identify)
  • Item Display Mode: Title & Subtitle
  • Extra Display options: Related Image
  • Related Image Size: Medium
  • Related image fixed aspect ratio: Postcard (4x3)
  • Sort Order: Random
  • Present links to allow the user to sort results: No
  • Limit: 0
  • Paginate: No
  • Tree Depth: 0 (when using About Us and Enquiries I set the figure to 1)
  • Inherit this includelet to subpages: No

On the 6 pages on the site that I want to identify in the area marked Keywords I have used the same phrase as it is unique – FiLhome.

I have obviously missed an important instruction/step as the links to pages are not appearing.


Alan - Euphonix