Posted by gods_child on

are there works in the pipeline to support Online donations/ payments in the nearish future...??

what ways can we take donations/ payments at the present time...??


many thanks

2: Re: Online payments (response to 1)
Posted by Joe Oldak on

No, there's no way to do payments directly with Voice, and I'm not planning to add it. It's a big can of worms that's handled pretty well elsewhere!

You could search these forums for "donations" to see previous conversations about this.



3: Re: Online payments (response to 2)
Posted by gods_child on

Thank you Joe


i appreciate your response and have found value in some of those posts closest for my critera;

such as;


quote "There are other services that let you create a widget that you can embed on a website to donate to a charity. For example: JustGiving, Give Lively, and Donorbox." verbatim