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Just starting out, I decided the Fresh/Cerulean was closest to our new logo colour but at some point tried to use my own colours and set body text colours to be the logo colour #008FA4. However seeing it would be difficult to change the theme to use this for navigation bar etc. I altered my logo to be the Cerulean theme colour #198ED2 and reset the look and feel to use Cerulean.

However the website name in the header at the top stubbornly remains as #008FA4 and I can find no way to change this - this code appears in neither the page source code nor the 3 CSS files!

How can I change this website name to be  the Cerulean theme colour #198ED2 ?

2: Re: Website Name Colour (response to 1)
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I have now realised that the standard text colours in the Cerulean theme are subtly different from the navigation bar colour - coincidentally more like my old logo colour, hence the confusion.