I note that it is possible to move and/or copy folders and items between different areas of the website.

I have successfully, copied a folder (without its contents being transferred) from the Members' Area to the Public Area, and then copied 1 photograph between these locations.  This is great if you have only one asset (or a limited number) that you want to copy or move, but there doesn't seem a way to move several items at the same time.  Copying the folder seems only replicates the name, nothing else and if you then want to move several items you have to do it on an individual basis.  Am I missing a trick, and if not could there be a way of enhancing this facility?

Kind regards

Alan - Euphonix   

2: Re: Moving/Copying Assets (response to 1)
Posted by Joe Oldak on

I don't think you're missing a trick - in fact I think you've just discovered one! I didn't know that copying/moving an item between different site areas would work at all, so I consider that to be a bonus win!

Currently no there isn't a way to copy a folder with all the contents, it isn't really something that comes up often (I suppose it's rare that anyone would want two copies of a folder of content on one website).

So yes there could be a way to enhance this, but I'm not sure it has a lot of value for most people?



3: Re: Moving/Copying Assets (response to 2)
Posted by SVH_Webmin on

I used HTTRack and downloaded the whole site to move the Assets to another site. Otherwise you have to do it one at a time. Sames as deleting, one at a time.

Assets is a bit limited and I preferred the files tool.

The major challenge is when you delete a page or pages the assets hang around and it's a pin to delete them.

More so when you don't use foolders.

Be nice to delete folders or deletion of several files, especially when the content get's old.

4: Re: Moving/Copying Assets (response to 2)
Posted by Alan-Parry (Euphonix Admin). on

Hi Joe,

I suspect that the answer to the following follow-up question will be ”no”, but I’m going to ask it in any case. 

Would it be possible to have one set of assets common across the whole site?  If I want, for example, to use the same photo or image in different areas (i.e. the public area and the Members’ Area, and a 3rd if that were to be created) then under current arrangements I need to upload it to each area separately, whereas if the asset was common across the whole site I would only need to upload it once.