Posted by Bulmer on

Hi Joe,

I would like to link to an external site and for my site to enter the county (say Essex) and then copy the resulting prices to display on my site each day. Would this be possible, I guess it would entail writing some additional code, which I am not familiar with, are you able to assist, please.

Kind regards



Posted by Joe Oldak on

Hi Mike,

There's no great solution to this. You can't use a piece of JavaScript to grab the content because of cross-site-scripting restrictions (generally for security sites don't let javascript from another site load their content).

You could create an iframe on your site showing their page, but it would show the entire page, not just the bit with the price on it.

So unless they can provide you with a widget or a cut-down embeddable page, you're pretty much left with the option of just creating a big button on your site linking to the appropriate page on their site!



Posted by Bulmer on

Thank you Joe, I will investigate the use of iframe and HTML embedded page.