Hi all,

I've just published a few changes...

Fresh and Bootstrap themes can now select from a range of Google Fonts

In addition to the standard fonts, there's now a load of Google Fonts you can choose for these two themes.

You can independently choose the Header, Body, and Navbar fonts.

So now you can really go wild with interesting font choices! :-)

(The Clarity theme already had this option.)

Photo Folders show Image icon

When you create a Folder in the Photo Album app, rather than always using the boring folder icon, it will now use the cover image from the first album that it finds in that folder.

This isn't a perfect solution (better might be to be able to pick a custom image for each folder?) but I think it looks better than it used to!

Surveys Emails and Complete URL

In Survey settings, you can now set a Complete URL which is a page that a user will be redirected to when they complete a survey (e.g., custom Thank You message).

And, if it isn't a public survey (i.e., it's a survey where users need to log in to complete it) then you can also configure a custom email that will be sent to the user when they respond.


I will demo these features in the User Group meeting tomorrow. More details and Zoom link can be found on the Voice Users website.


Please let me know how you get on, by replying to this message! :-)