2: Re: statistic reports (response to 1)
Posted by Joe Oldak on

Hi Lesley,

Seems strange that there'd be no hits at all for so many days, even if it was half term! More likely is that there was some problem with the stats generation that week. Anyone else on here have any anomalous web stats for this, or other, weeks/days?

Quite a few groups like to set up Google Analytics and add the script for this into the "Extra Footer HTML" field in the theme options. This can provide more interesting insights into traffic to your site.

These days you can configure Google Analytics not to use a cookie and not to store any user-identifiable information (such as IP address), which should make it GDPR-safe even without an annoying popup cookie banner!

(There are may other supplier of web analytics that work in similar ways, by adding a snippet of JavaScript to every page of your site. Not just Google!!)