Whenever I type in my site name, netherthirdcentre.co.uk, I get the e-voice website front end and so do others trying to view the site. Cannot figure what settings I may have got wrong or what’s changed as it used to come up correctly.

The only thing that has happened recently is that my domain name has been renewed, has that got something to do with it at Godaddys end. Any help appreciated. 

Posted by Joe Oldak on

I had a look at this, and updated the Site Domain settings in your website config.

You had some unusual capitalisations in the domain name in the settings - I don't know for sure if this made any difference, but when I changed them to be all lower case, and waited a couple of minutes for caches to timeout etc, it then all seemed to start working fine!

So - maybe it was this - or maybe it was something at the Godaddy end - perhaps if the domain expired for a while the DNS wasn't working correctly until the renewal went through.


Joe - Voice Admin