Posted by Eileen Murray on

I manage two websites and have done for several years, though I edit a lot less frequently these days.     I went to edit a page on one and the view was not what I expected. The WYSIWYG editor didn't appear to work - showed a lot of formatting code, rather than just the text and the formating toolbar is missing. This is on all pages. The other website I manage looks fine, in editor, just as I would expected, so can't be an issue with my laptop. Wondered if I have accidentally "toggled" some setting or stumbled into some other hole. All help welcome...... E x

Posted by Joe Oldak on

There's no way you can turn off the WYSIWYG - it should automatically appear everywhere that it's needed!

I suspect some files have failed to download on one of the domains that you're using for your sites, and the failed download is "stuck" in your browser cache. So try reloading the page where the WYSIWYG failed to load, without using the browser cache:

Windows: Ctrl+F5

Mac: Shift+Command+R

(This works in most browsers but I don't know what OS or browser you're using!)

If this fails then you can try clearing the browser cache and reloading.

If all else fails, you can email directly letting me know which site is having the problem and I'll look into it further.