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Following the recent User Group meetings I’m using the test system to try out a new home page for the Choir (htttps:// and I’m having difficult in getting the quality of the images right for the pages associated with the filtered items list.  I’ve try reducing and increasing the quality of the images, but the results always look grainy.  When saving images what should they be set at? Any suggestions?



2: Re: Quality of images (response to 1)
Posted by Joe Oldak on

In the Filtered Item List settings you'll see Related image size as an option. This controls the size (hence quality) of the image used.

The four sizes available to choose are:

  • Thumbnail - max 105px wide - really only suitable for very small tiles
  • Medium - max 430px wide - should be fine for a grid two or more wide
  • Full - max 1140px wide - use this if you want it to look good as a single full width column
  • Original - the exact image as uploaded.

Currently you're using Thumbnail size. Try one of the larger ones and see how they look.



3: Re: Quality of images (response to 2)
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Hi Joe,

Thanks for the suggestion;  I’ve changed settings to medium and it works fine.