2: Re: Site footer (response to 1)
Posted by Joe Oldak on

Hi John,

Interestingly they don't show bold on my mobile. This suggests that your phone has spotted these numbers that either are a phone number or look like one, and is highlighting them so you can action them in some way (e.g., allowing you to phone or text the number).

Since you haven't added anything to the HTML to make this happen, I don't know what you could take out to stop it happening!

As a side note, if you wanted to make an "officially" clickable telephone number, you can add a link with the tel: protocol. This will work on mobiles and might work on desktops (e.g., by using the number in Skype). To do this create a link for the number, thus:

<a href="tel:01234123123">01234 123123</a>

You'll see that the Contact Information includelet on your Contact Us page does this.

Finally, I would suggest that you add an A record for your 'bare' domain as well as for the www subdomain (and add it in the Site Domain settings of your Voice site), so that anyone visiting the site without the www part will see the right thing.

Good luck!



3: Re: Site footer (response to 2)
Posted by John Tippins on

Thanks Joe

It’s weird that just two of the numbers are seen as possible phone numbers.

I’ll make the changes you suggest.