2: Re: Navbar (response to 1)
Posted by Joe Oldak on

I've often pondered this and never really come to a great solution to it. The way the navigation works in a members area is always a bit fiddly as it's treated as a site in its own right.

There are currently a few options available:

  1. Turn on the Breadcrumb (as you suggest). This will show a link back to the main site as the first item.
  2. Create a Redirect page in the navigation menu of the members' area that links back to the main site. I've created one on your test site so you can see how it looks. (you could put this as the first menu item)

There could be other tweaks I could make:

  • Clicking the site logo from the members area could return you to the main site (currently goes to the members' area homepage).
  • Change the Home link in the main nav to go to the main site Home page not the home of the members' area. This is probably a logical change to make!
  • Also add a second 'Home' link in the navigation that is the home page of the members area?

What do you think?

Also, anyone else using a Members Area, do you have any ideas/thoughts?



3: Re: Navbar (response to 2)
Posted by Alan-Parry (Euphonix Admin). on

Hi Joe,

As a temporary solution the redirect facility works very well.  I've tried it out and moved it around in the NavBar, so thanks for suggesting it, and showing how to use the redirect facility.  In fact, I'll be using it on the main site.

I appreciate that, in theory, the two sites act autonomously from one another, but the public facing part if the site should be the dominant area - after all this gives access to other parts that are subsequently created (e.g. a Members' Area).  Logically, the "Home" reference on the NavBar should always take you back home (to your public front page). (And the same applies to the logo.)  

I agree that if you were to make the above change that there would need to be a second home link in the NavBar for each of the private sections created (e.g. Members, Committee, Admin etc).  This could be initially labelled something like Members Home or Member Zone (but have the facility to be configurable locally by administrators).

Again, thanks for the advice and giving it consideration.

(Euphonix Choir)