Posted by Anthony Berridge on

Web browsers Chrome, Edge and Explorer no longer allow access to my evoice site

Firefox does allow it but only by opening it in a new window after coming up with the message  ' will not allow Firefox to display the page'.  Firefox goes on to say that 'This is usually the result of a security misconfiguration.'

In order to edit my site as webmaster, I access it as '', but I would like potential visitors to be able to continue accessing it as ''

I am not aware of any changes which might have caused this.  Any assistance would be much appreciated, thank you.

Anthony Berridge

Posted by Joe Oldak on

This is because the bartonrail domain is set up to embed your e-voice website (i.e., as a frameset) instead of pointing directly to the e-voice server.

You should remove the redirect configuration (at where you registered the domain) and instead configure it as per the instructions for Custom Domains.

i.e., you need to add the domain name to the Site Domain settings of your Voice site, and then set up an appropriate A record in the DNS configuration of your domain.

From then on, everyone (you and visitors and google et al) will always use your custom domain name, as the e-voice URL will effectively be hidden. (The e-voice URL will still work, but will redirect to the custom domain name)