Posted by GrahamShort on

I’ve noticed for the first time that in my latest photo album when I click on a photo both in the album and in the photo album includelet I get a ? Instead of the image. This only happens for a few photos and the effe is transitory in that if you scroll back and forth through the album the image is eventually displayed. It seems to happen only on mobile devices but it has happened on more than one phone. Any ideas ?

2: Re: Photo showing ? (response to 1)
Posted by Joe Oldak on

I just had a look on the site but didn't see the same thing. Is there a particular page where it seems worse than others?

I can only assume it's just a bandwidth thing to your phone meaning the images take a little while to load.



3: Re: Photo showing ? (response to 2)
Posted by GrahamShort on

It happened on the home page. I clicked on the first photo and it came up with a ? instead of the photo. Scrolled through the photos and most of the others showed. Scrolled back and the first photo then showed. I wondered if it was something in Safari that was just taking a while to load the photos. My wife saw the same thing on her phone so it wasn't specific to my device. I don't remember seeing it in the past so wondered if it was something new like photo scaling or something like that.

Thanks for looking