To round off a week of changes, I've added the Aspect Ratio setting for images into the includelets: Latest News, Latest Posts, Upcoming Events, and Content Item Metadata (the latter can be used to embed a page's Related Image onto the page, e.g., as a banner image).

As mentioned in the previous update, if you set the Aspect Ratio of an image it will now show zoomed/cropped to fill that space. So, e.g., if you select "Square" then the image will always appear square on the page, rather than being in a square space but possibly having a gap around it.

I've also added a Show Image option to Latest Posts includelet, should you want to make thumbnails of these without the images. (default is "on").

Finally I've renamed the Custom include to Custom Content, added a Full Width option for the image, and made the WYSIWYG Content part optional. This means you can now use this includelet to place an image on the page with a fixed aspect ratio, without having to add any content to go with it. (This was useful to me just now, so figured it could be useful to you too!)

Have a nice weekend everyone!