Back in 2022 I reported an issue regarding the creation and publication of entries in the Noticeboard and the non-appearance of supporting email notifications (see here).

Last Sunday I created an entry in the Noticeboard (about 16.00 hrs) and saved it as a draft as I wanted sign-off from the Chair (we both have Site Admin rights, so they could read it).  The text was fine so on Monday morning (09.00-ish) I changed the status from draft to publish and expected to receive an email notification of the publication; no  email was received.

When I last reported a similar bug back in 2022 it was rectified.  However, it would seem that a relation of the original gremlin has now crept back into the system.  Last evening I recreated the Noticeboard entry, I didn’t save it as a draft, and simply published it.  Within minutes an email relating to the Notice was received.

Just to confirm, this bug is fixed. Notifications will now always send however you choose to publish a noticeboard/weblog entry!