Posted by Felix on

On several occasions administrators have deleted far more from "Our Files" than they intended.

They navigate to a folder, then check the check box next to the child folder they want to delete. Then they click on the "Delete Folder" button at the top of the page. Which deletes the parent folder, rather than the child folder they intended to delete.

I realise that the warning message does spell out what is to be deleted, and that "Our Files" is a separate application, so might be difficult to adapt. However it would be really useful if deleting a folder could be undone, or if something else could be done to make deleting a folder more intuitive, and so harder to delete folders in this way.


Felicia Green


P.S. Fortunately we do backup our "My Files" monthly, so are able to recover our documents when they are accidentally deleted, but it is a rather long winded process, since they have to be recovered one folder at a time.