Posted by Joe Oldak on

(two completely unrelated things!)

Hi all,

Hope the keen bloggers among you are enjoying the changes to Weblog and Noticeboard that recently went live!

Here are a few small changes that have just gone live today:

  1. Sending email from the Email page in your site admin now always sets as the From address, with your email as the Reply-To address.
    This is a bit annoying but is necessary to ensure emails are delivered to some addresses.
  2. Theme options now use Raw HTML for extra Header/Footer HTML, rather than the WYSIWYG editor.
    Although this makes it a bit more annoying to add links/images, it does mean adding scripts and unusual HTML is much easier.
    (I made this change primarily to allow me to do a nice header area for a site I'm working on)
  3. Note also that recently a few minor changes went into the base CSS that all sites use, particularly around thumbnails (e.g., grids created with Filtered Item List), so if you notice anything weird with the layout on your site then please let me know!


Joe - Voice Admin