Posted by Joe Oldak on

Hi all,

I've added a new feature that lets you change your site's favicon.

Erm, what's a favicon!?

It's the little icon next to your site name in the browser tab (and bookmarks) - currently this is the "Voice Trumpeter" for all Voice sites.

You can now change it to be something more appropriate for your site. You may want to use your site's logo, or possibly just a small part of the logo (e.g., without the text).

Great sign me up!

You can change the favicon from the Your Logo page in the Look & Feel tab of your site settings. There are now separate configuration options for Logo and Favicon.

As a quick example, have a look at the Superhighways site and notice that the icon in the browser tab is no longer the Voice Trumpeter!


Joe - Voice Admin

2: Re: Configurable favicon (response to 1)
Posted by JoMaye on

Love that! It looks super professional and was really simple. I used Canva to remove the writing on our logo and the background. Don't forget that charities get the premium features of canva for free too.

3: Re: Configurable favicon (response to 2)
Posted by Bradley Kelly on

I got Canva premium for free for the charity I work for as well. I just absolutely love Canva! I used Canva to put a border around our logo and made it transparent in the background, which is also transparent as well if you add the website to your iPhone home screen.  I love it! 😊