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When I set up the CTAT site I set all desciptions to be the same as the site full name - 'Churches Together Around Tadley'.  I now want to change the description to 'Bringing the love of Jesus to our community'.  I have changed this in all places that I can see, but when the site is displayed the site source still shows twitter:title and og:title as 'Churches Together Around Tadley - Churches Together Around Tadley'.  One impact of this is when a shortcut to the site is saved from my browser it shows the og:title value.

Is there any way that I can change this, or is this a bug somewhere?

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The problem also is seen in the <title> tag

Posted by Joe Oldak on

As a general rule, the title of a page on a Voice site is of the form:

<page title> - <site name>

The site name part is set in Website Settings -> Website Details in your site admin pages.