Posted by Nick_H on

Hi Joe,

I think that there are enough tools already out there that cover this space very well.



Posted by BrynM on

Hi Nick

Your reply seems to indicate that you know enough about the system to know how this would be done. It is all very well saying to Joe all is fine but what would be more useful is if you could explain how to solve the problem enquired about and educate others less knowledgeable about the system.

Your comment seems to indicate that there is an example somewhere of such a solution. Maybe you or Joe could indicate where we can see this in action.

Something that may be useful would be if Joe or others like yourself could pick a site each month that shows off a good use of tools provided, This would provide a good level of education for users and publicise good sites being provided by Voice.

I hope you can help.



Posted by Joe Oldak on

Nick is referring to third party tools - since what you describe certainly isn't possible directly within Voice - although unfortunately I don't know what tools people use to do event management.

If anyone has any experience of using other systems for their events, and adding them to a Voice site, it would be interesting to hear about it!

I know that Superhighways use AideCRM for event management, and you can see that they've embedded an events view on their training page, but I believe this is a paid-for system.

You can also embed Eventbrite onto a website, though I have no idea if this is a good idea as I've never used it! :-)

Generally speaking, if a service offers some sort of embed code then it can be added to a Voice site - e.g., using the Raw HTML includelet. I'm happy to give advice on this if anyone is using a service that they want to embed.

Also some systems might provide an RSS Feed of events - which could then be added to a Voice site using the Feeds app (to subscribe to that feed) and RSS Feed includelet (to display the contents of the feed on your site). Again, happy to help anyone with this if they're using a third party event organising system and want to try to show it on their site!