Hi folks,


I've used two column right for as long as I can remember and had some content on the right side - however after trying to make some edits, everything was showing in a single column rather jankily.

I've removed most of the content from my homepage and put it in a single column which works for now, but if I try to move anything to the right it doesn't do it, and just breaks formatting in the middle column. Any thoughts on why this would be?


(For admins, my latest "preview" of the homepage should show the issue)

Posted by Joe Oldak on

The problem seemed to be with the Upcoming Events includelet - when it was in 'Inline' mode it was causing the columns to break.

I think I've fixed it now, so it should work fine in single or multi column layouts!



Posted by Eamonn on

Can confirm that's sorted Joe, thank you very much as always!