As a new user to the Voice community and coming to grips with the system, there has been a realisation that however good a system that Joe and others develop, there are a collection of skills that must be gained in order to make a success of a groups marketing efforts on the web.

Such skills include things like ....


1. Photo editing 

2. Video editing

3. Youtube channel creation and management


If users who have developed such skills could contribute towards informing other Voice users of their knowledge and experience, I think this would help others to overcome such learning challenges.

To provide a vehicle for this, I would suggest that forums be set up to address skills required for success, which users can post questions and answers on. 

The benefits to the creation of such forums would include..

1. It would help to identify where users are struggling to make use of the Voice system effectively.

2. It would be user driven, rather than a constant demand on Joe for answers and encourage skilled users to add value to the Voice efforts.

3 Such forums would provide good input for condensed help pages to be created for skills related topics, which would add to the value of Voice as a much needed community help tool.

My suggestions for initial forums are those mentioned above, as they are real show stoppers to making effective use of Voice. Others may have additional suggestions for showstopper subjects to be addressed.

It may help the powers that be, if other users could support my request for such forums to be set up, to see if they provide the help required for struggling users.