I don't know if this is an easy thing to do or not but would it be possible to have the ability to set some default values for the location, contact and maybe time details that would be pre-populated (but still editable) on the new event when adding within a site? (kind of like a template)

We do weekly meetings, and most of the time the meeting is in the same location, at the same time each week, I suspect this may be useful for many clubs etc.

Since first setting up our events this season, I have realised I probably could have created a fully populated recurring event as a placeholder and then edited each individual occurrence, selecting the option to not apply to all occurrences... But it is not that obvious also by the time the event name, details and images are updated on each I am not sure it would have saved much time.




Posted by Joe Oldak on

To be honest given the size of the To Do list it's unlikely that there'll ever be a feature to have default values for activities! But there are a two things you could try:

  1. You might be able to save the values into your browser's auto-fill - e.g., in Firefox you can turn on Remember search and form history and Chrome has auto-fill settings for addresses.
  2. Instead of creating a new event each time, copy a previous event (if you're logged in as an admin you'll see a Copy button when you view an event) and update the details as appropriate before saving.



Posted by Stephen_DSmith on


Ok, that's fine, I understand things need to be prioritised.

I am using auto-fill in Firefox and it kinda works but I find myself double-checking the postcode so have resorted to copying n pasting from a .txt file as a scratch pad.

Good call on the copy event, totally missed that button! It will be useful for adding ad-hoc, but I think I will try the recurring event option for the next season.