Posted by Joe Oldak on

A question to everyone: How useful do you find the email notifications on these forums?

Are they useful? Too spammy? Maybe you haven't turned them on to prevent too much email? But if you do turn them off you then wouldn't get a notification if someone replied to a question you posted...

Would people prefer to have the option to subscribe only to replies to their own messages?

Thoughts please!



2: Re: Forums Notifications (response to 1)
Posted by Linda Lovatt on

Hi Joe, there are a lot but I just delete them, a few weeks ago a question I had been about to ask was asked someone else so your reply to a blurry banner with a nifty bit of extra html code solved my problem in a flash! so although there are a lot, I read them all to see if I can learn anything. This is an amazing resource by the way and my village hall has benefited tremendously from it, I was guest speaker at my federation of village halls in the Scottish Borders a couple of months ago and I was telling them all about VOICE .


Linda Lovatt 

Southdean Hall

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Posted by Bulmer on

I totally agree with Linda Lovatt, ones of little interest can easily be deleted, but I too have picked up and learnt a lot from many others, so prefer to receive them all.

However an option to only receive replies to my own could be useful.

4: Re: Forums Notifications (response to 1)
Posted by Alan-Parry (Euphonix Admin). on

I like the notifications and would be sorry not to receive them.  Any that are of no interest I just delete, it's no big deal.

if you want you can always opt to receive them once a week.  

7: Re: Forums Notifications (response to 4)
Posted by sue potter on

Agree with this!

Something usually drops which is of interest. I tend to save them for future ref.

Thanks Joe for all your development work!


5: Re: Forums Notifications (response to 1)
Posted by Nick_H on

Great receiving them as even if they don't relate to me today they may do tomorrow!

6: Re: Forums Notifications (response to 1)
Posted by Stephen_DSmith on

Personally, I think it would be useful to have the option to get an email about a reply instantly, but still be able to still receive a less frequent summary of what else has been going on. Wink



8: Re: Forums Notifications (response to 6)
Posted by Kev Cannings on

I agree here. I'd like a weekly digest of everything except direct replys to things I've posted, then I want an email straight away :)

9: Re: Forums Notifications (response to 8)
Posted by JoMaye on

Another vote for this solution!

10: Re: Forums Notifications (response to 1)
Posted by BrynM on

An option for direct replies immediately and a weekly digest for all others would be very useful for solving immediate problems and learning generally from crowd wisdom.