Posted by BrynM on

As a new user I am really struggling to get past the first post of site editing. I attended the zoom meeting this morning which explained certain techniques to existing users but the recording of that meeting does not seem to be available yet, so I can review some of the advice given.

As a start I want to add a simple contact form under the default location map on the home page and then to add /edit other pages in a sandbox mode that can then be published.

Some straightforward instructions to follow would be useful.

I am going round in circles with the available admin links.

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Posted by Joe Oldak on

Hi Bryn,

I would suggest that to add a simple contact form use the Email Contact Form includelet. This is a nice simple way to get something going without having to create your own form using the Surveys or Form Builder apps.

You can find out more about includelets in the documentation here.

If you require a more detailed contact form, then I would recommend using the Surveys app to create one, and then using the Survey includelet to embed the survey on a page. That's how the form on this page was created.

The video from the user group meeting will be available soon - we need to do a bit of editing on it first.

We do have a plan to revamp the documentation resources and incorporate a range of 'How To' videos, including some basic ones for getting started, which will hopefully be a great help to new site admins!



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Posted by BrynM on

Thanks Joe

I think the hardest thing for new admins is to to use the back office tools in the first place, in a way that they are confident that they will not damage the public site.

The hardest thing I have found to date is how to add features like...

 - adding a user enquiry form under the default map.

 - Adding a single  action picture under an enquiry form

Everything I touch seems to want to add a new page or not suited to requirements.

On the Zoom meeting I think you showed how to include a very simple form that would handle a user enquiry and collect their email / phone number. This is our first basic requirement before starting to build other content.

I think you have built a very powerful system for community organisations that is far better than them  just trying to build a simple web site, which is largely a waste of time and effort but the admin user interface needs more thought I think. I know the effort this involves from personal experience and I hope that wherever the funding is coming from for your efforts it can maintain your efforts.

I will look again at the Email Contact Form includelet you mentioned but I got the feel that was onlly useful for publishing an email contact, not for collecting user details, as it demands an email entry at creation time.

Thanks again for your response and I look forward to the Zoom recording.




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Posted by BrynM on

I have managed to add an enquiry form.( by reading the notes properly). I think if the advice notes were laid out in a nicer bigger type and formatted style, it would be less like trying to read legal smallprint and be more effective (my excuse)

I am now tring to add a mothly events calender but it will not confirm my setup choices but gives no error messages. The screen just flashes and stays on the confirm button. I could only set the user permisions properly by saying do not inherit home page permissions.

Another frustration is getting back to a position where any changes can be previewed.

I would be interested to know how other admins are getting on with the back office or if I am alone with such problems.



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Posted by Bulmer on


In my experience it does take a little while to understand all the bells and whistles of this very powerful website builder. I have found the "Test" site to be great way to try all the options before making any adjustments to the live site.You can always use the "preview" button at the top of a page once you have saved it to see if achieves what you wanted, before publishing.

The test site is effectively a copy of the live site at the time Joe copies them, which he says he is going to do tomorrow. This means the current test site will be over written. Anything you do to the test site will not affect the live site. So once you are happy with the outcome on the test site, you can then make the same update to the live site knowing it's going to work.

Good luck, and keep persevering, hope that helps.


6: Re: Getting Started (response to 4)
Posted by Joe Oldak on

I'm embarking on a project to revamp and update the documentation, which will include clearer text (by using the Clarity theme) and bigger clearer pictures.

It'll also include how-to guides for getting started and other common tasks, as well as some video guides.