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I'm looking at revamping our website as it has grown over the years with different admins.

We need to cater for Welsh and English, ideally mirror images of each other with just the language being one or the other. Also to access either language from each page maybe.

Currently it is done with columns on each page but this makes it into a list especially on mobiles.

Any recommendations as to the best way to achieve this would be appreciated.

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Posted by Joe Oldak on

Hi Megan,

Multi-language sites are indeed tricky to manage. I have a question - do you have any view on how good Google Translate it at converting English to Welsh?

You could see how effective it is by going to and selecting Websites, then entering the URL of your site (or a page of your site) to see how good it is.

If it's good, then one option would be to add a Google Translate widget to the site, so users can select Welsh (or indeed any other language) if they wanted to, and it'd automatically translate from the English pages on the site.

That way you'd only need to maintain the site in English and the Welsh would look after itself.

Try it out and let me know if this sounds like a good option!



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Posted by JamesM on

Thanks Joe, I'll ;ool at this option

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Have a look at this site and

It has both languages and is an example of google translate.

Does this work for you?


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Posted by JamesM on

Excellent James, thanks, I'll get a couple of Welsh speakers to look at these.