The Newsfeed/ News app is generally good. I like the easy way to create an article and communicate with our members. I prefer News app to News pages as it doesn't require admin access and is less "technical" to create an item.

1) Title link

Users report that the item I'm publishing (usually a PDF file) doesn't show for them. It does, but I think they are clicking the link on the headline (from the feed), which takes them to a page that shows them the same article. I'm not sure this link is useful as they can already read the whole article in the feed. The link in the main heading only really makes sense if what they see in the feed is a snippit of the article.

I'd like to be able to switch this (the Article Title) link on and off and control where it directs the user.


2) Title URL (sub heading)

When I add a news entry and add a link "title URL". The link I am using is to a PDF asset on my own site. When the title displays on the feed, it shows as "e-voice.org.uk".

For me it makes more sense that the Title URL controls the link in the artile's main heading on the feed, rather than creating a seperate sub heading/ title. Or if a subtitle does appear, then I'd like more control over the text displayed.

3) Content displayed in the Feed

The "content" of my article is displayed in the feed in full. This makes my feed look cluttered if the news item is long. I'd like to be able to create a snippet/teaser, either manually, or to have control of the amount of the content that displays in the feed. For example by space used in the feed (~3 articles per page), or number of characters (display first ~200 chars of article). If I reduce the text displayed in the feed, then there should be a "read more" link at the end of the article in the feed, and/ or the heading of the article becomes a link to the main article (as it does currently)

Ultimately, I'd like more control over how much of the article is displayed in the feed


4) Email notification message

When I receive an email from the newsfeed, I receive the message from "Voice Admin" with a subject "[Voice Online Communities]

Reading the email on a phone, the first half of the screen is dedicated to text or images saying "Voice Online Communities"

I'd like the email subject (and possibly sender) to be more related to the name of our site so users recognise it more easily. Also for the Voice Online Communities banner to added at the end of the message, rather than appearing as a headline at the top

If a banner should appear, I'd rather it contained my site logo and text relating to my site.

5) The News Includelet doesn't work quite as I'd expect. I have a feeling the includelet terminology may need updating as think the includelet refers to news pages, and not the news (noticeboard) app.


Hope that makes sense. Email me if you need screenshots, as it's hard to descibe everything here in words!


Posted by JoMaye on

Ooo can I add my voice to this please. It would be great if we could show a teaser or a just the start of the article on the news page with a "read more" link.

We also have a very, very long list of months and years on the right hand side of the news page which isn't a big deal but does look a bit messy. Example here

Posted by JoMaye on

I'd also like to add that I wouldn't like to see the title as a link to anything other than the news story. I use that link to when I'm sending a monthly bulletin to all our members via mailchimp. Along the lines of...

"News from other organisations

Headline Teaser Read more..." With the Read more linking to the specific story.

Hope that makes sense.