I am just having a tidy-up of the competition results pages, on the Hexham photographic website and am probably going to create sub-pages for each year to make it easier to filter.

I have a question on the "Filtered Item List Keywords Includelet"

Under Parent items, it states "Select items below here. If you leave this blank it uses the current page."

So if I leave this blank and then set the includelet to be inherited to subpages should it filter the results based on the page it is used from or from the page it's inherited from?

Also is it possible to categorise pages, rather than having to rely on consistent keywording for a filter?


Posted by Joe Oldak on

Regarding Parent Items - yes the idea here is that if the includelet is inherited to lots of pages then it would only show links to pages that could be found below the page being viewed.

It's probably a bit niche - I can't think of a great example where you'd definitely obviously want to use this! Usually setting the exact section(s) of the site that you want as parent items is the way to go.

And on the Content Categories - yes you can! But only because I've now enabled this in your site, it doesn't come turned on by default (because it's a bit new, and adds an extra level of complexity most people probably don't want, and because it currently only works with CMS pages and not in the other apps).

If you look in your site admin you'll now see Content Categories in the Content Management section. You can define Category Types, then add Categories to each type. You can then associate these with CMS pages, and use the Filtered Item List Categories includelet to filter them.

This is how we built the Resource Hub on this site, and the Showcase on the main Voice site.

If anyone else wants the Content Categories turning on then just let me know. In the future we may turn it on for all sites by default, but I don't think everyone is quite ready for that yet :-)