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I've been trying to tidy up/modernise our "Meet the Team" page. I think my dream is to pull all the people through to the page using an item list or filtered item list. I'd like to show a photo, name, job title, phone number and email address (email as a link that can be clicked on).

I've been looking around at what others have done and I think Croydon Mencap is an excellent example. I just cannot work out how to get all the fields I want to pull through - the email address is particulalry stumping me - unless I add each person as a page.

Can you point me in the right direction please?



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Posted by Joe Oldak on

Hi Jo,

The Meet the Team page on Croydon Mencap uses a filtered item list using Full for the display mode, with Related Image enabled in the extra display options.

Each person then has a page beneath this in the site map with their name/title/email in the content, and their picture as a related image.

Hope this helps!