Posted by Joe Oldak on

Hi Voice Users,

I've just put live a new includelet that puts a Survey directly on a page. This could be used for any data collection, such as a membership form, contact form, competition entry form, etc.

What does this even mean?

When you create a survey using the Surveys app, there are now three different options to direct visitors to use that survey:

  1. Put the Surveys app into your site navigation. This is the "classic" way of making the surveys available. Any surveys available to the user will be visible, together with a Respond button.
  2. Use the Surveys List includelet to put a list of all available surveys onto a page of your site. (this was formerly called the Community Surveys includelet). This is how the Site Feedback survey is attached to the homepage of the demo site.
  3. Embed the form directly on a page using the Survey includelet. Here's an example on a site that's still under development.

For options 2 and 3 you can hide the Surveys app from the site navigation, to keep the navigation clean and simple.


The survey has to be a Single Section survey - that is, it can't be one that is split over several pages. And even if you enable the option for users to edit their response, this isn't available in the Survey includelet.

(You can use the Surveys List includelet in this case, and it'll show an appropriate button for a user to view/edit their responses)


Joe - Voice Admin