Hi Joe,

I understand that any organisation using the voice platform is not restricted in terms of documents that they can upload onto it, and the maximum file size is now set at 100MB (from 20MB).

Recently, I created a new folder to test out the idea of a "dropbox" for photos, audio recordings and video clips that members can submit (Euphonix Dropbox (temp files) - Euphonix).  In testing out this folder I loaded 21 photos and 3 vids; but when I tried loading a 4th vid it did not appear in the folder, or should I say that it did, but then one of the other vids that had been loaded disappeared.  By the time I tried loading the 4th video clip the folder must have reached 100MB.  Is there a maximum limit on the overall total files or collective file sizes that can be stored in any one folder / group of folders?

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Posted by Joe Oldak on

Hi Alan,

There's no limit (that I know of!) to the number (or total size) of files in a folder. The only limit is the 100MB for individual uploads. (And a somewhat larger limit of the amount of disk space on the server!)

So if one file is disappearing when you upload another then something weird is going on.

Note that if you upload a file which has the same name as another in the folder then it adds it as a new revision of that file, rather than creating a new one, so maybe this is what was happening? Have a look at the properties of the videos and see if any of them have unexpected extra revisions.

As an aside, the video with the sign falling over amused me. Apologies to everyone else here who doesn't have the required permissions to view this! ;-)