Posted by Kathryn Mitchell on


A few years ago, I worked on redesigning our website using a new voice website which is the current site I manage now, whilst an old site was still in use. When the new (current) site was finished, Superhighways supported me to move the URL over.

Due to some work I am doing now which involves accessing archived information, I wondered if there was any way to find the old site that the URL was moved over from (if it is floating about on the web somewhere).



2: Re: Accessing old site (response to 1)
Posted by Joe Oldak on

Hi Kathryn,

Your old site is still on Voice, in a disabled state, so it isn't visible to the public.

However, if you log in on the main Voice site with an account that was an admin of your old site, and then navigate to the Voice URL of the old site, then you will be able to see and admin it.

I will email you directly with more specific links and account to use!