Hi Joe,

I want to create a new folder but change the inherited permissions.  I have managed this is the past, but it now seems that as a local administrator I can no longer do this.

What I had intended to do was to create a dropbox facility for members to upload files (photos, audio recordings and/or videos) of Choir events (e.g. concerts).  At the moment they are emailed to me through my personal email account.  The Dropbox would allow files to be uploaded to the system.  To do this I need the change the permissions for that new folder to allow people to "contribute" and to ensure that no inappropriate material is uploaded remove the "read" permission.  Both of these are contrary to the inherited permissions of the top level.  When I click the link to indicate not to inherit permissions, I am barred (or seem to be barred) from doing so.  

As previously mentioned I have been able to do this in the past with other folders, but now the system won't let me do this.  Is this a bug or has there been a change to the way that permissions within a local site are now managed?

Alan Parry (Euphonix Choir)

PS. whilst looking at those who have permissions I notice that there is one call "Euphonix (Admin)".  I do not recognise this, is it something to do with the Superhighways Team?

Posted by Joe Oldak on

Hi Alan,

There was some weirdness over setting the permissions, which I think I've now fixed, can you confirm that it's doing what you want now. If not you could send me some more details and a URL to admin@e-voice.org.uk and I'll investigate further.

The idea of a 'dropbox' folder should work fine, and should be a convenient way to allow your members to send files to you.

You should be able to remove 'read' permission for everyone other than members, once you've clicked the button to stop it inheriting permissions.

Note that I didn't spot "Euphonix (Admin)" in the permissions list. Maybe this is a group that you had added to the site but have subsequently removed?